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We have partnered with the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi in many ways over the years and our relationship with them is a close one. Bishop Fanuel Magangani of Northern Malawi has visited us here and this year Fr. Scott Wilson led a team of St. Laurence parishioners to visit them there. We support them with love, prayer and yes, financial contributions. 

DSC00433.JPGIn 2014, we helped them build St. Augustine’s Church in Mfula, giving them a place to worship God for years to come. It’s not a grand cathedral but it is a parish Church where the roof doesn’t cave in when it rains and it is a safe place for the Christians in the region to come together to praise God and grow in Christ.

3EE36474-AE36-458A-9C0D-043B36318253We also sent much needed tuition funds to young people all throughout Malawi who need help going to school. We provided the yearly stipend for Fr. James Mwale, who ministers to no less than 6 churches. Then, we learned of the need for a vehicle to transport missionary teams safely out into the remote areas to tell the people about Christ and to care for some of their basic needs. Through the generous support of our parishioners, we were able to provide that as well.

The Diocese of Northern Malawi is diligently striving to become self-sufficient and they have made great advancements toward that end. There are many ways, both large and small, to help with this incredible ministry.