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Parish Blog

Emotions: Sadness

This year the God Squad, our fourth and fifth grade group, has been exploring our emotions and how God would like us to better use out feelings. We have already tackled how to handle our feelings of: anger, fear, and disgust. This week we will dive into what to when we feel sad. 

Sadness is unavoidable. As much as we want to always be happy, we all have times when we are sad. God sent his son so we need never be alone. When we are sad, we can find comfort in the arms of Jesus. We will be exploring: John 11:17-44, Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead this week. 

I encourage you all to use this learning opportunity, as a starting point to have discussions with your children about feelings. You can also add this simple prayer: Thank you for sending Jesus, and that he comforts us when we are sad. Amen. 

God's peace, 


For more information about our meeting check out our God Squad newsletter!