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Faith Giants in the Bible

Over the next few weeks the Jr. High youth are digging deeper into the importance of some familiar characters through out the bible. So far we’ve talked about The Prodigal Son and Zacchaeus. During our last Jr. High meeting we played a fun trivia game where the youth were put into three different groups and then each of the youth had to come up with a question about the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 18 that would be given to me and then picked at random for each of the three groups to answer. The Jr. High kids crack me up! The three different team names were- The Leftovers, Following the Light, and the Fire Hydrants… so random! I know that I’ve heard the story of Zacchaeus a handful of times and never really picked up on the fact that he was “of short stature” before. However, each of the groups submitted a question regarding this very thing! I thought that was pretty interesting… they were picking up on important details that I thought they would overlook! We had a great time, and let me tell you, the Jr. High kids are super competitive! The final score, you might be wondering, ended up being The Fire Hydrants with 9 points, Following the Light with 8 points, and The Leftovers with 8 points. A very close game!