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Jr. High Meeting, Sept. 23

Last week the Jr. High youth began their meeting with a new game called SHIPWRECK.  This game made for a lot of good laughs!  Here's how it went...  In the back parking lot we labeled four corners of our "ship"- bow, stern, port, and starboard.  The Captain of the Ship (Katie) then announced that everyone has to do exactly as the captain says or else they'll be forced to walk the plank!  The Captain announced a movement and then crew members (the youth) had to react as quickly and accurately as possible to avoid walking the plank.  Some of the commands included... 

Jellyfish- lie on your back with arms and legs jiggling in the air

Sunbathing- lie on your stomack

Fish for Dinner- jump up and down, holding your nose

It was hilarious to say the least!!!  Afterwards we returned to the youth room to begin our group time.  We broke up into small groups and discussed Matthew 16:13-20.  We answered the following questions based on the Matthew bible passage...

Who is the Son of God?

Who was John the Baptist?  Elijah?  Jeremiah?

Who is Jesus?

Why didn't He want anyone to know that He was the Christ?

We had great discussion and fellowship!