The Mass from Sunday 3/29, can be found by clicking here. While all Activities are Canceled, we've gotten very active on the St. Laurence Facebook page. Keep up with all we're doing over there!  If you don't recieve emails from St. Laurence and would like to, contact us here to get added.

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Parish Blog

Loving Others


This past Sunday the Sr. High youth used anonomous words of affirmation to lift each other up.  The activity was great!  Each youth sat in front of the white board one at a time and then the rest of the youth wrote one word that described that person.  No words were allowed to be used more than once and each person who sat in front of the white board had a completely different set of descriptive words than the last.  Afterwards all of the words were erased before the person in front of the white board could see what was written.  It was so uplifting!  Katie took a picture of each youth in front of the white board and then sent a text to that youth yesterday (Wednesday).