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March 2020 Rector's Letter

Dear Parish Family,   

We are just a few days into our Lenten journey and I hope that these days are already a great blessing to you. Sometimes we put things off that we know we need to be better about, and Lent is a great time to finally take agency of those things. Remember: fasting, prayer, and almsgiving are the three-pronged approach that all of us are asked to consider and it's not too late to get started! Maybe think about giving up a bad habit. For sure, find a way to spend more time with God. And lastly, remember those in need. If you’re not sure what to do, here are a few ideas for Lent that we put together. It's not too late!

Welcome Kerry Henry!
I am so excited to welcome Kerry Henry to our team as our new bookkeeper. Kerry is a longtime Southlake resident and brings an extensive financial background to her work as our new part-time bookkeeper in the office. Karie Edson continues to serve the Parish in the office and will now have more time to dedicate to communications. Yes, I know...Karie and Kerry! We are all already getting confused! We brought Kerry Henry onto the team because it is a huge priority of mine to make sure that we are good stewards of all of your gifts that you give to St. Laurence. We know that you are sacrificing for the work of the Church and making sure that everything is well looked after is really important. Stop by the office sometime soon and give Kerry Henry a great St. Laurence welcome.

The Coronavirus
The Coronavirus is leading the headlines in the last few days and it's hard not to let our fears run wild. As of today, the CDC continues to say that the threat is low but please know that we are paying attention to what they are saying and will make any adjustments necessary should spread of the virus ramp up. Please join us in praying for all the sick, especially those affected by this virus.    

The Great Litany
Yesterday we began both our 8:30 and 10:45 services with the Great Litany. The Great Litany was the very first liturgical prayer ever written in the English language and it contains prayers for all kinds of situations. Since we’re all thinking about how to pray more during these 40 days, if you’re not sure what to pray or how to pray, the Great Litany is a great resource. It can be prayed by anyone, at any time. Click here if you’d like to pray it.

Bible Stories You Probably Don’t Know But Should!
Our efforts to honor God’s Holy Word continue on Wednesday nights during Lent. After a community dinner at 5:45pm, the Stations of the Cross service begins in the church at 6:30. If you haven’t ever been to the Stations of the Cross, please consider joining us as we walk with Jesus through the last hours of His life. Once the Stations service ends, one of the priests will teach about a lesser known bible story. It will be a great time to feast on God’s holy word together.

Family Mission Trip
For the 2nd year in a row, we’ve got a Family Mission Trip that is heading to Austin during Spring Break to serve the homeless and formerly homeless. 38 members of the Parish family will be working for several days at Community First Village in Austin, a special community of formerly homeless people. They will also be serving those still caught on the streets with a word of love, a decent meal, a "blessing bag” full of personal and toiletry items, all while praying over those they meet.

It is a huge blessing to the entire St. Laurence family to have a multi-generational mission trip like this. Not only do our people get outside of their comfort zones to serve the vulnerable, but they also form deeper bonds with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Last year’s Family Mission Trip yielded incredible results and I am excited to see what God inspires this year. Please pray for them as they go out into the mission field.

I hope this holy season of Lent is a time for all of us to grow closer to Christ.
May God bless you,
Fr. John