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Serving at St. Laurence

Serving at St. Laurence

Church services, coffee hours, and beautiful flowers don't just happen. It takes a community of servants working, often times behind the scenes, to put all the parts together and make it all happen. Come, join us. It's also a wonderful way to meet new people, serving the Lord together. Colossians 3:23-24

There are many ways to serve here at St. Laurence and there's always a spot for someone new. Take a look and see where you'd like to serve. It's a great way to get involved and make friends along the way.

Worship Support

Acolytes - Youth age 10 and older help during Sunday morning services to carry the torches and cross during processions, light the candles and assist with the Eucharist. Training is provided. Contact Bob Fulton here or Mike Mrasek here for more info.

Altar Guild - This group of women work in teams to care for the linens, polish, oil the candles and dress the Altar for services. Each team works about 2-3 hours per month. Contact Debbi Harris for more info.

Children's Chapel - Volunteers help lead a children's worship service on Sunday mornings for children 3-8. Adult and youth volunteers are needed to lead and keep order during the service. Volunteers are needed for both the 8:30 and 10:45 services. Contact Megan Mecca here for more info.

Flower Guild - Helps to arrange fresh flowers or decorate the Church for high Holy Days and special occasions such as Christmas, Maundy Thursday, Easter, St. Laurence Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Contact Abby Embry or Sharon Thomas for more info.

Pew Torch Team - A group of men that put the torches on the pews for special services. Contact Joe Hodges here for more info.

Ushers - Help during the Church services to greet parishioners, hand out bulletins, pass the collection plate and direct people to the altar for communion. Work in teams approx. 1 service per month. Contact Kelly DeWitt here for more info. 

Wedding Guild - A team of women that help with the many aspects of putting on a wedding at the Church. Contact Patty Christensen here for more info.


Coffee Hours - Volunteers sign up to bring snacks to either of the 2 coffee hours on Sunday mornings. Contact Gail Lindley here to help at the coffee hour after the 8:30am service or the Church office for the coffee hour after the 10:45am service. 

Golf Cart Shuttle Ministry - A team of adults who will drive the new Golf Cart Shuttle to assist people in getting from the back parking lot to the Church and back on Sundays. There are 2 shifts: 8:15-10:15 and 10:15-12:15. Contact Jeff Butler here for more info.

Greeters - Volunteers greet people outside Church before each Sunday morning service. They try to identify visitors, welcome them and help them be comfortable and know what to do. Contact John Geertsema for more info.

Hospitality Committee - This group provides meals for parishioners who need a little help (surgery, new baby, etc) and also provides food and serves at the receptions following funeral services. Contact Joan Miller here for more info.

St. Larry's Burnt Offerings BBQ Team - This team of men cooks all the barbequed meat for the St. Laurence Day picnic in August. Contact Ken Stone here for more info. 

Wednesday Night Dinners - Volunteers provide a simple dinner at 6:00pm on Wednesday nights during the school year to give everyone a chance for a meal prior to Mass at 6:30. Contact Katie LaPenna here for more info.