Join us for today's Palm Sunday service by clicking here. While all Activities are Canceled, we've gotten very active on the St. Laurence Facebook page. Keep up with all we're doing over there!  If you don't recieve emails from St. Laurence and would like to, contact us here to get added.

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What We Believe

What We Believe

St. Laurence is a Parish of the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas in the Anglican Church of North America.

At St. Laurence, we believe:

  • what Christian people have always believed throughout the ages
  • the Holy Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and that they contain all things necessary to salvation
  • Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life
  • there are 7 Sacraments of the Church, which are signs of God's presence among us
  • everything contained in The Apostles' Creed and The Nicene Creed
  • Christ's ministry continues today and that God is touching lives in many places including our parish
  • the Church is the family of God and that there is a place for everyone
  • all are called to repent of their sins and come into a relationship with the Living God
  • that by God's grace forgiveness is possible and that all sins can be overcome with God's help
  • in the life of virtue taught to us by Jesus Christ and that all are called to a life of Faith, Hope, and Love